Gamophobia (Fear of Marriage)

Gamophobia is a fear of getting married, being in a relationship, or making a commitment. A typical sufferer of this phobia may be in love with another person for life and just never get married, or may prefer to spend their life totally single.


This is more than just 'cold feet' par say, but rather a morbid fear of the idea lifelong commitment. The fear is uncontrollable. Many experts compare gamophobia to the same intensity level of the fear of dying.


One of the most prominent reasons that people suffer from gamophobia is due to an intense negative experience in their past. This experience has traumatized them to the extend they dread commitments. Sufferers tend to associated negative images or movie stills in their mind about the commitment of marriage.

When two people get married the responsibilities pile on. From finances, to legal, to social, and even personal responsibilities can make the thought of tying the knot sound too hard. Those with personal insecurities may feel they lack the ability to fully partake in these responsibilities, and there such avoid the idea of marriage.


Deep rooted depression can cause a person to avoid the topic of marriage. When they lack self-confidence, have a poor self-image, or even a lack of sexual confidence it can keep them far from the idea of marriage.

There are a few different types of depression that can cause these negative outlooks.


Just as many other phobia patients, those with gamophobia will experience many of the same symptoms. These typically occur when they are faced with a proposal of marriage or they can happen over the thought of getting married to another person.


Gamophobia sufferers can experience both emotional symptoms and physical symptoms during their daily lives. These include:

  • Going to great lengths to avoid marriage to the point where they make it difficult to function as a normal person.
  • Feeling a lose of control.
  • Extremely bad thoughts, images, or negative movie stills.
  • Feeling dread or terror at the though of marriage.
  • Knowing their fear is irrational, but unable to have any sort of control over it.

Other sufferers will go into a full blown panic attack at the thought of or when presented with marriage. These panic attack symptoms include nausea, rapid heartbeat, excessive sweating, trembling, chest pain, dizziness, and/or hyperventilation.


There is a variety of various treatment options available for patients with gamophobia. Some may work better for some than others, and visa versa. Only you can really know how you feel and what methods will work best for you. Let's take a look at the different options you have available for treatment.

Talking To A Therapist – This is a great first step for many sufferers. A specialized therapist can help you to talk about your fears, understand the reason for your phobia, and help you overpower it.

Hypnotherapy – This is another highly effective treatment option that help to subconsciously trace the root of your anxiety. Through a series of suggestive questioning your therapist will be able to gain valuable insight on why you fear marriage and what they can do to help you cure that.

Self-Help Programs – If you are the kind of person that is not ready to speak to anyone else about your gamophobia a self-help program is a good start.

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